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Get A Professionally Designed Website That You Can DIY

We decided to create a website workshop framework which not only gives you a choice of layouts but also does all the heavy lifting for you as the website is built for you, all you have to do is to add your images and text.

Of course, we got carried away and created 10 different home page layouts below for you to choose from.

The other pages on your website will be the same as they are on this website until you get started and add your own magic touch.

You will learn how to put your own stamp on your website and take charge of your business online.

Your website workshop course will have everything on you need to get your business up and going.


List of stuff

What You Get

  • A  user-friendly, mobile-responsive website, personalised for your business
  • Training videos talking you through each element of your site – from page names and logo design to choosing your colour palette, branding, content and image upload
  • Guided resource worksheets, downloadable PDF assignments, and advice walking you through the whole process
  • Access to an exclusive members’ area where there are lots of bonus step-by-step tutorials that you can work through at your own pace
  • Access to an invitation-only VIP membership network group where you can ask questions and connect with others who have completed the workshop to share tips and hints
  • Keyword research video course
  • SEO For Beginners course
  • Lifetime membership – once you’ve built a website with RST Design, you can pop back to the course at any time to refresh if you need to


Extra bonuses 

Nailing your niche

How to write a mission statement

Define your USP

Research your competition

Setting up hosting, emails

Copywriting tips for Melissa

Branding, colours and design tips from Tash

Social media tips from Laura

SEO for beginners course by Kathy

List building ideas from Serena

So What Is A Website Workshop?

Home Page Layouts To Choose From